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Combination Packages

The Pregnancy Relaxation Package - Hot Stone Full Body Massage and Mini Facial
Remember relaxation? Or maybe not... this package will remind you what relaxation is all about. We begin with a powerful pedicure to relieve your aching feet. This is followed by an hour and a half Hot Stone Full Body massage, using Irish Basalt Stones with their therapeutic effects on those aching muscles put under strain during pregnancy. We finish with a mini facial, including a facial massage to revive the soul. Leave your stress at the door and... just drift away.
3 hours 15 mins
€160 / 3 hours 15 mins
In Touch Top to Toe
From the pregnancy experts at In Touch,
enjoy a complete top to toe experience with
a Dermalogica facial, your hard-working legs
and feet are treated to a circulation boosting,
cooling mineral wrap to ease circulation and
reduce puffiness. Sit back and get ready to
look and feel gorgeous.
90 mins
€95 / 90 mins
The Hot Stone Back and Leg Revival - The Hot Stone Pedicure and Hot Stone Back & Leg Massage
This package offers relief to aching backs and legs. A Hot Stone back massage to relieve those back aches and pains. Followed by a Hot Stone Pedicure for your tired soles. We soak, buff, scrub and finally massage your legs and feet using the Hot Stones to thoroughly revive your legs and feet.
1 hour 20 mins
€85 / 1 hour 20 mins